16KHSN Alloy structural steel

Steelun Designation of 16KHSN Alloy structural steel:

Name The value
Designation GOST Cyrillic 16ХСН
Designation GOST Latin 16XCH
Transliteration 16HSN
By chemical elements 16CrСН

Description Steelun of 16KHSN Alloy structural steel:

16KHSN steel is used: for the manufacture of parts by cold heading; wire intended for the manufacture of rivets and bolts by cold heading.

Steelun Standards of 16KHSN Alloy structural steel:

Name Code Standards
Bars and shapes В32 GOST 10702-78, TU 14-1-2995-80, TU 14-1-3708-83, TU 14-1-3011-80, TU 14-1-510-73
Classification, nomenclature and General rules В20 OST 1 90005-91
Steel wire medium and high carbon В72 TU 14-4-385-73

Chemical composition Steelun of 16KHSN Alloy structural steel:

Standard C S P Mn Cr Si Ni Fe Cu
GOST 10702-78 0.13-0.2 ≤0.035 ≤0.035 0.3-0.6 0.8-1.1 0.6-0.9 0.6-0.9 Rest ≤0.2
TU 14-4-385-73 0.13-0.2 ≤0.035 ≤0.035 0.3-0.6 0.8-1.1 0.6-0.9 0.6-0.9 Rest ≤0.2
Fe is the basis.
According to TU 14-4-385-73 in steel made by scrap-process, the content of residual copper is allowed up to 0.30%.

Steelun Mechanical properties of 16KHSN Alloy structural steel:

Section, mm σU, MPa d5, % y, % HB, MPa HRC
Hot-rolled steel and hot rolled with special surface finish
Steel calibrated and calibrated with special surface finish
≤640 ≥55
≤540 ≥55
Gradation of performance properties of the finished heat-treated parts for OST 1 90005-91
880-1080 262-321 27-35
1180-1370 341-388 37-41
Wire on the other 14-4-385-73 in the delivery condition. Subanguina with pre-annealing to granular pearlite
441-638 ≥10

Description mechanical marks steelun of 16KHSN Alloy structural steel:

Name Description
σU Limit short-term strength
d5 Elongation after rupture
y The relative narrowing
HB Brinell hardness number
HRC Rockwell hardness (indenter diamond spheroconical)

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