Molybdenum Smooth Forged Rod 45 mm

Steelun Description of Molybdenum Smooth Forged Rod 45 mm:

With its unique mechanical and chemical properties, molybdenum is an outstanding material that can meet the most exacting requirements. Because molybdenum possesses a very high melting point, a low coefficient of thermal expansion and a high level of thermal conductivity, it is used in many different industries. Molybdenum is a genuine all-rounder.

Chemical composition Steelun of Molybdenum Smooth Forged Rod 45 mm:

Element Weight %  
Mo 99.97  
W 0.0169  
C 0.0013  
O 6.0E-4  
K 6.0E-4  
Fe 5.0E-4  
N 5.0E-4  
Cr 3.0E-4  
Si 2.0E-4  
Cu 2.0E-4  
Al 1.0E-4  
Ni 1.0E-4  
Cd 1.0E-4  

Steelun Properties of Molybdenum Smooth Forged Rod 45 mm:

Sound speed, longitudinal [ clong ] 6250 m/s
Sound speed, transversal [ ctrans ] 3350 m/s
Diameter [ d ] 45.00 mm
Length [ l ] 100.00—2000 mm
Electron work function [ We ] 4.39 eV
General information
Density [ ρ ] 10.10 g/cm³
Neutron capture cross-section [ σN ] 2.7E-27 
Elongation [ A ] 10.00 %
Hardness, Vickers, 10 [ HV 10 ] 215.00—260.00 [-]
Tensile strength [ Rm ] 515.00 MPa
Yield strength Rp0.2 [ Rp0.2 ] 450.00 MPa
Melting point [ Tm ] 2620 °C

All metrics apply to room temperature unless otherwise stated. SI units used unless otherwise stated.

Steelun Applications of Molybdenum Smooth Forged Rod 45 mm:

Equipment for the Glass & Ceramics Industries,Industrial Furnaces,Solar Energy,Energy,Lighting,Electronics,Sputter Targets,Manufacturing,Surface Treatment & Coating,Semiconductor Devices,Defense

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