NEXTREMA® Translucent White (724-5) Sheet

Steelun Description of NEXTREMA® Translucent White (724-5) Sheet:

NEXTREMA® is a unique glass-ceramic material platform. This material combines the glossy appearance of glass with exceptional thermal, chemical, optical and mechanical properties like an attractive bending strength of 100 – 165 MPa for materials with a thickness of around 4 mm. With a thermal resistance of up to 950 °C, depending on the material type, combined with a thermal shock resistance of 600 – 820 °C, it ensures a reliable material performance even under extreme temperature conditions. Our six unique glass-ceramic types combined with the wide range of sizes and thicknesses varying from 2 mm to 6 mm (> 6 mm on request) will open up new possibilities in product design and performance. The unique transmission spectra provide new ideas for combining innovative infrared heating functionalities with attractive lighting effects. The versatility of this material will surely impress you.

Chemical composition of NEXTREMA® Translucent White (724-5) Sheet:

Element Weight %
Si 50.0 — 80.0
SiO₂ (DIN EN 1748-2-1)
Al 15.0 — 27.0
Al₂O₃ (DIN EN 1748-2-1)
Mg 0.0 — 8.0
MgO (DIN EN 1748-2-1)
Ca 0.0 — 8.0
CaO (DIN EN 1748-2-1)
Ba 0.0 — 8.0
BaO (DIN EN 1748-2-1)
Ti 0.0 — 5.0
TiO₂ (DIN EN 1748-2-1)
Li 0.0 — 5.0
Li₂O (DIN EN 1748-2-1)
Zr 0.0 — 5.0
ZrO₂ (DIN EN 1748-2-1)
Other 0.0 — 5.0
(DIN EN 1748-2-1)
Zn 0.0 — 5.0
ZnO (DIN EN 1748-2-1)
Na 0.0 — 2.0
Na₂O (DIN EN 1748-2-1)
K 0.0 — 2.0
K₂O (DIN EN 1748-2-1)

Steelun Properties of NEXTREMA® Translucent White (724-5) Sheet:

Length [ l ] 1600—1954 mm
Thickness [ t ] 3.00—6.00 mm
Width [ w ] 900.00—1100 mm
General information
All metrics apply to room temperature unless otherwise stated. SI units used unless otherwise stated.

Technological properties of NEXTREMA® Translucent White (724-5) Sheet:

Application areas
The following applications are simply examples of areas where NEXTREMA® has already been put to use successfully: BBQ applications – NEXTREMA® provides perfect visibility into the grill and can be used to optimize diverse aspects of the barbecue experience; IR applications – NEXTREMA® transforms infrared heaters into eye-catching design features and protects heating elements stylishly; High temperature furnaces – Use NEXTREMA® to line ovens or apply support plates (e.g. in display manufacturing); Household appliances – NEXTREMA® revolutionizes designs for transparent heating elements and heat resistant thin film coatings; Functional design material – NEXTREMA® is a revolutionary material for innovative product and industry design.
NEXTREMA® materials do not contain any harmful substances according to the European directive 2002/95/EC “Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronically Equipment” and fulfill the terms of RoHS without any concerns.
Corrosion properties
The chemical resistance of NEXTREMA® is more extensive than that of most other comparable materials: Acid resistance (DIN 12116) S 1-2; Alkaline resistance (ISO 695) A 1-2; Hydrolytic class (DIN ISO 719) HGB 1.
Flat cut-to-size panels and bent panels are also available. Formats of flat cut-to-size panels and bent panels on request.
Processing methods
NEXTREMA® is practically process inert. Even under extreme conditions, the material will not have negative interactions with the process environment. There are no interfering process factors such as gas emissions from organic components.

Steelun Applications of NEXTREMA® Translucent White (724-5) Sheet:

Industrial Furnaces, Domestic Electrical Appliances, Kitchen equipment, Heating Appliances, Consumer Goods, Refractories

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